Well, here we are, one year and one month into the Harp Wiki project, and this is the Founder's first ever blog post! I’ll admit, I’m not the blogging type, but I thought I’d take a moment to share my reasons for starting this wiki.

Why did I start this wiki? Consider the following:

  • The online harp community is a welcoming, inclusive, and helpful bunch of people.
  • There are a number of active forums or facebook groups where harpists like to post questions and others “in the know” are very generous with their answers. It’s not uncommon to see people replying with long paragraphs full of useful knowledge and detailed explanations!
  • There are a handful of very excellent websites on the topic of harp that have been built by a single person, or a small team of people.
    • These websites represent a significant effort on the part of their owners, and I imagine it must be difficult to maintain, edit, and write new content.
    • Allowing volunteers to write new content for these sites is difficult—does the webmaster give the writer login credentials? Does the volunteer know how to code? Can the volunteer post the content while maintaining the site’s look and feel? Maybe the webmaster could post it themselves… maybe the webmaster is too busy.
    • It’s easy for these sites to slip out of date (Was its last post was from 2012?). Worse yet, it’s easy for a website to be shut down altogether and its content lost forever.

Why a wiki is a perfect solution:

  • A wiki can be edited by anyone at any time. We are tapping into the knowledge of hundreds of thousands of people at once, not just a single person!
  • Making an edit to an article or starting a new article does not take special knowledge; if you know how to use Microsoft Word, you can also use the wiki. Something incorrect? Something missing? Now, everyone is able to update that content. Heck, you don’t even need to be a logged-in user!
  • Maintaining a “look and feel” is very easy to do.
  • A wiki’s content can be organized by category. Wikia has built up its content management system to make it easy to find specific information, or browse for general interest.
  • This wiki is technically owned by “Wikia, The Home of Fandom”, not by me, or a single owner. Wikia will not let the domain expire anytime soon, and because of this, our content will live on the internet and be indexable by search engines for many years to come. 

The wikia is for everyone! YOU are the wiki! WE are the wiki! 

Thanks everyone for helping the wiki get off to such a great start!

—Emily Taege | Harp Wiki Founder and Admin

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