The Ulysse is a lever harp manufactured by French harp maker Camac Harps.

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Product Design & Accessories Edit

According to Camac Harps website:

"Following the success of our DHC electric harp range, Camac Harps has employed the most advanced techniques in order to create an instrument specifically for traveling. Ulysse materialsOur engineers have achieved the ultimate goal of innovation combined with the finest principles of traditional craftsmanship.
Our “Ulysse” (Ulysses) has a soundboard made from the finest spruce, and yet is extraordinarily light, thanks to materials used in aircraft. Carbon - synonymous with modernity and high performance - is exceptionally strong and stable under varying temperatures and humidity levels. Additionally, the Ulysse is equipped with titanium tuning pegs. The unique mechanical properties of this metal ensure a lightweight, robust neck.
For optimal sonority when amplified, we have selected the finest microphone system: the Ischell Box ®.
The Ulysse is available in black, white, red or blue, or custom colours on request."
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