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Trianon is a pedal harp manufactured by French harp maker Camac Harps. Trianon comes in a 47-string and 44-string model.

See showroom or website for pricing. (English) 47-String | 44-String

See showroom or website for pricing. (French) 47-String | 44-String

Product Design & Accessories Edit

According to Camac's website:

"The Trianon 47 share the highest professional specifications of the Atlantide Prestige. Its specially-selected, hand-carved woods result in an instrument of breathtaking appearance and fabulous sound. Seen and heard throughout the world, in all kinds of top-level performance, the Trianon is a perfect voice for the magical world of the harpist's art.
The Trianon 44 is a high-quality Baby Grand harp. Made of the same premium woods as its big sister, the Trianon 47, and also hand-carved, it is a practical and beautiful instrument for many top-level performance situations."
This product needs more information! Can you help contribute? Speak about any accessories that come with the instrument or generational changes that the harp maker has made to improve or change the instrument.

 String Chart Edit

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Here's an example of a completed string chart:

String chart for the Harpsicle by Rees Harps Inc.

Reviews by Owners Edit

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Watch & Listen Edit

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Photo Gallery Edit

Awards & Recognition Edit

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