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One tricky thing about owning an oversized instrument: it influences harpists' buying decisions when it comes to vehicles. If you're wondering what cars will accommodate a pedal harp (and still have room for you), have a look at the list below. Good news, however–you would be very surprised how small of a car will work! Key features you're looking for:

  • Hatchback trunk
  • Front seat flips forward

Don't see your car on here? This list is by no means complete and needs more of your content! Add your car now! Also, if you have a very small car, we would love to see your packing configuration. Post a picture of your harp in the gallery below.

Also, if you have any other sage advice for packing or buying a car in general, feel free to add your thoughts.

List of Pedal Harp Cars Edit

Make Model Year Harp(s) Notes
Audi A6 Salvi "We have an Audi A6 as a family car. My Salvi just fits in there." –Ingrid Beerda
Chevrolet Traverse 2009 Venus Diplomat Has plenty of room to lay the harp in with the harp cart laying flat between the base of the harp and the back door
Citroen Grand C4 Picasso 2014 Lyon & Healey 'Chicago'
Dodge Grand Caravan 2011 Salvi Diana I have been loading it on the column and have space for driver, two passengers and all my gear. We found maintenance cost to be high on this minivan.
Ford Escape 2013 Venus Diplomat Fits the harp but is a little tight, and the driver's seat can't sit all the way back. It may not work for people taller than 5'10".
Ford Focus (Hatchback)
Ford Galaxy "I use a Ford Galaxy to transport my daughter's Pedal harp. The seats fold flat and there's room for her stool too."
GMC Envoy "I have a GMC Envoy that fits everything- harp, stand, chair and gig bag. Love it!"
Honda Odyssey Lyon & Healy Style 23 Fits the harp easily. The back row folds down flat, and you can fit the harp and all your gig stuff and even have 3 passengers. Wonderful harpmobile.
Jeep Commander "We have a Jeep Commander and my monster harp and a smaller one will fit in it as well as the harp cart, music stand, Bench , string/ music case and one extra person and maybe a Violin or a flute but not both." –Charles Hooper
Mercedes Vaneo "I use Vaneo. Fits 1 concert grand + 3 people (driver + 2), chair and stand."
Mitsubishi Colt "My duet partner gets 47 string harp in a Mitsubishi Colt." – Emma Graham (@tillymary) April 8, 2015
Peugeot 508SW "A Peugeot 508SW works great!" – José Antonio Domené (@joseantdomene) April 8, 2015
Subaru Outback
Toyota Highlander Lyon & Healy Salzedo Via [Harps, Etc. blog]
Toyota Prius v Lyon & Healy Salzedo Via [Harps, Etc. blog]
Toyota Rav4 Lyon & Healy Salzedo Via [Harps, Etc. blog]
Toyota Sienna Lyon & Healy Salzedo Confirmed via [Harps, Etc. blog]
Toyota Venza Lyon & Healy Salzedo Via [Harps, Etc. blog]
Toyota Yaris "Smallest car I've fit a 47string straight soundboard harp is Toyota Yaris. Fits 1harp + 1harpist. Great if you don't want gigantic car." – Nana Sotirova (@nanaharp) April 8, 2015
Volvo Station Wagon Lyon & Healy Style 23 "Fits in a Volvo XC70 with room for friend. I've had a 2002 and a 2004. The body style and cargo room has stayed the same for years so I'd expect any XC70 to fit a full concert grand." - Sara Corry March 20, 2016
Citroën DS5 Camac- Athena Fits well with harp trolley and carries 3 person in a car!
Toyota Matrix Lyon & Healy Style 85 Fits the harp, harp cart, a stool (but probably not a bench), a music stand, but no extra people. The passenger seatbelt buzzer goes off for the first few minutes and then gives up.
Honda Fit 2016 Lyon & Healy Tight fit, room for harp and driver and a couple pages of sheet music.

Harp Car Photo Gallery Edit