The Style 19 Semi Grand is a pedal harp manufactured by American harp maker Lyon & Healy.  

This model is no longer being made. You might see one for sale used from time to time.

Product Design & Accessories Edit

According to the Lyon & Healy 1927 Harp Catalog:

"Handsomely figured maple body, natural color, highly finished and French polished; patented enlarged sounding board of selected old spruce; genuine primavera side and top strips with rosewood corners. Column and base hand carved and covered with pure gold leaf. Aluminum crown also finished in gold leaf. Newly patented guaranteed unbreakable neck; brass head plates, artistically lettered, hand polished and lacquered; gold plated discs and string nuts; nickel tuning pins. Rubber tipped pedals. Perfection harp shoes on rear feet. Includes a substantial canvas covered traveling trunk; in which it may be shipped as baggage, felt cover, tuning hammer, tuning fork, gold plated string gauge and screw driver."

 String Chart Edit

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String chart for the Harpsicle by Rees Harps Inc.

Reviews by Owners Edit

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This harp is owned by @harpnotes

Watch & Listen Edit

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Photo Gallery Edit

Awards & Recognition Edit

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