The Lorraine is a lever harp manufactured by American harp maker Stoney End.  

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Product Design & Accessories Edit

The Lorraine has undergone some minor changes and upgrades in the design of the base. It has more modern sculpting and less weight.

According to the Stoney End website:

"It is outfitted with nylon strings: four octaves from G to G. The Lorraine has low string tension which eases strain on hands and fingers while offering a warm, rich sound. Comes with a six- or eight-inch tall base.
This same model comes in an F to F variation, called "Sara"."
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String Chart Edit

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String chart for the Harpsicle by Rees Harps Inc.

Reviews by Owners Edit

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"I've liked how this harp is not very heavy for it's size. It's nice that it has a removable base, because without the feet, it fits across the back seat of my compact car, and divides the weight into two pieces.
I can attest to it having low string tension–this harp is not hard to play. Because of the low string tension, it sounds very mellow. If you are looking for a bright, crisp, tone this is not the harp for you. I have had a chance to play a harp with a higher string tension for while, and while I personally prefer that sound, you need to be a dedicated player of the harp to keep your hands strong enough to play a high-tensioned instrument. I would say also that the strings are closer together on this harp than on most other harps I've played.
I've owned this harp for about 12 years and its craftmanship is superb. No warping or pulling on the soundboard. The frame and body are still perfectly intact. The tuning pins have been nice and tight the entire time, and once the strings are used to being stretched, the instrument holds its tune amazingly well. I had a full set of Loveland levers on it since the beginning, and they have always been gentle on my strings–I've never had to replace the lever mechanisms either. The levers don't slide around and they provide consistent half-step tuning. It is said that Loveland levers don't provide the smoothest action, which is probably true compared to Truitt or Camac levers, but with the appropriate practice, I have never missed a lever-change and have been happy with Loveland.
Perhaps my only complaint about the harp (entirely a personal opinion of mine) is that it's not as aesthetically pleasing as some of the other harps on the market. However, the harps that I think are the most beautiful are also three times more expensive as well. I considered that to be a trade-off worth making.
This harp has also been my companion for at least three full seasons of performance at a renaissance festival and has had to withstand a beating. It's definitely a well-loved and well-worn harp, and still sounds as great today as the day I bought it." –Emily Taege, @harpwiki

Watch & Listen Edit

  • Listen to a sound sample of the Lorraine being played: Sound Sample
  • Listen to a sound sample of the Sara being played: Sound Sample

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