The Korrigan is a lever harp manufactured by French harp maker Camac Harps.

See showroom or website for pricing (English).

See showroom or website for pricing (French).

Product Design & Accessories Edit

According to the Camac website:

"Our 38-string Korrigan harps are ideal for harpists seeking a lever harp with gut strings. In many ways, the Korrigan’s design is inspired by the pedal harp: its gauge, spacing and string tension are identical. It is therefore also especially suitable for students who wish to move on to the pedal harp later. This harp comes with low feet or higher legs."

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String Chart Edit

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String chart for the Harpsicle by Rees Harps Inc.

Reviews by Owners Edit

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"This harp is a great gigging harp! If you're playing somewhere for two hours max, you have to cross a drawbridge, then get through a tiny door then climb a flight of stairs, this is the best harp for that... I have done that at Castell Coch and it was an adventure! If you're teaching and you have to get into someone's house who has an upstairs living room, this is a great harp for that! It's very portable for young professionals and students who are playing gigs and freelancing, it's not very loud so it has difficulty 'cutting through' an ensemble!
I've had mixed reviews about how 'loud' it depends on who you ask, I have played many reception with it completely acoustically and some have said they can hear it perfectly clearly from the other end of the room and others haven't been about to hear it at all. so... pick your battles really... it's a great little harp, fits in a small car, you can carry it but you can also put it on a trolley. It's great! the camac levers are a dream to work with!" —Sam Hickman (@Sammie_Hickman)

Watch & Listen Edit

Ar Hyd Y Nos All through the night

Ar Hyd Y Nos All through the night

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Youtube video

Professional Recording

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