Elinor bennett with erard harps

@ElinorBennett9 with her two Erard harps. Harp on left is double-action (1904) and the other is single action (1807). Both were made in London.

Sébastien Érard (Germany, 1752-1831), developed the single action and double action harp, revolutionized the harp by the invention of the fourchette mechanism (discs with prongs) that is still used today.

Érard harps are no longer being manufactured, but occasionally you will see one for sale in the antiques market.

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Models Edit

  • Single Action (1807) - This brand of harp is owned by @ElinorBennett9 .
  • Double Action (1904) - This brand of harp is owned by @ElinorBennett9 .
  • Grecian - This brand of harp is owned by @harpist100. This harp features 8 pedals and swell doors. The swell doors are pictured in the gallery below.

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String chart for the Harpsicle by Rees Harps Inc.

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