The Clarsach is a lever harp manufactured by English harp maker Pilgrim Harps. Pilgrim Harps has been making this harp since 1980, when Pilgrim Harps led the way with the first ever concert-strung Celtic harp.

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Product Design & Accessories Edit

 According to Pilgrim Harps website:

"We have been making this harp since 1980, when Pilgrim Harps led the way with the first ever concert-strung Celtic harp. The result of this experiment exceeded all our expectations, producing an instrument with the fullest tone and range of dynamics we know from such a harp. The Clarsach is a performance lever harp originally commissioned by the legendary Derek Bell MBE, celebrated harpist with The Chieftains. Today it is firmly established as one of the most sought after and prized Celtic harps the world over.
The design has been refined over many years, and we believe it to be unrivalled in tonal colour and range of dynamics by any other harp of its size. The Clarsach is also the ideal first harp for a young harpist who will one day want to play the classical harp, as the string tension and spacing on both are the same."

  • Concert gauge stringing, tension and spacing
  • All brass semitone levers
  • Soundboard selected from the finest European Sitka Spruce
  • ​Covers & accessories available
  • Hand-painted and carved decorations available
  • 5 year warranty

String Chart Edit

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String chart for the Harpsicle by Rees Harps Inc.

Reviews by Owners Edit

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This harp owned by:

  • @harpist100 | Submitted feature photo. This is a maple harp with hand painted wildflower decoration by Jerry Blumire.

Watch & Listen Edit

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Photo Gallery Edit

Awards & Recognition Edit

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