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Here's a running list of all text-based books on the subject of harp. These books can be fiction or non-fiction. They can be wholly written on the subject of the harp, or it can have a single section within the book about the harp.

  • One rule for posting a book on this page: please write "Website" in the web location link column, highlight the word, and add the full link to the word. Be sure to include "http://www" in your link. It will help our tables stay neat. If you'd like to add a bit more specificity, you can use single words like "Amazon", "Free", "Barnes & Noble", etc. Thank you!
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This is not a list for music books or sheet music; please refer to our list of harp sheet music sellers for more information on that subject.

Title Author Subject Fiction/Non Web Location Free/Purchase
An Historical Enquiry Respecting the Performance on the Harp in the Highlands of Scotland John Gunn Scotland Non-Fiction Archive Free
Ancient Music of Ireland, The Edward Bunting Ireland Non-Fiction Archive Free
Ancient Scotish Melodies William Dauney Scotland Non-Fiction Archive Free
Bard: The Odyssey of the Irish Morgan Llywelyn Ireland Fiction Amazon Purchase
Carolan The Life Times and Music of an Irish Harper Donal O'Sullivan Ireland Non-Fiction Amazon Purchase
Harp, The Rajka Dobronic-Mazzoni General Non-Fiction Amazon Purchase
Harps and Harpists Roslyn Rensch General Non-Fiction Amazon Purchase
Irish Harp, The Joan Rimmer Ireland Non-Fiction Amazon Purchase
Irish Harping, 1900-2010 Helen Lawlor Ireland Non-Fiction Amazon Purchase
"Music Had Ended" : The Death of a Harper Tadhg Olltach O an Chainte Ireland Essay DIAS Free
Story of the Irish Harp: Its History and Influence, The Nora Joan Clark Ireland Non-Fiction Amazon Purchase
Thomas the Rhymer Ellen Kushner Fantasy Fiction Amazon Purchase
Tree of Strings (Crann nan Teud) Alison Kinnaird Scotland Non-Fiction Amazon Purchase

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