The Bardic is a travel-sized lever harp manufactured by French harp maker Camac Harps.

See showroom or website for pricing. (English) 27-String | 22-String

See showroom or website for pricing. (French) 27-String | 22-String

Product Design & Accessories Edit

According to the Camac website:

"This popular family of lever harps is not only intended for beginners, but also for amateurs - and for travelling harpists, who will find the Bardic a lightweight harp, ideal to transport. Available with 22 or 27 nylon strings, standard spacing, a rich and powerful sound and our outstanding metal levers, the Bardic harps can be played either set directly on the floor, or raised on their detachable legs. A backpack-style cover is also available. In addition to their fine acoustic qualities, the Bardic harps are priced to make them as affordable to as many as possible. Once you have one in your hand, you will not be able to put it down: it will enchant your ears, delight your eyes and accompany you on your travels…"
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String Chart Edit

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Here's an example of a completed string chart:

String chart for the Harpsicle by Rees Harps Inc.

Reviews by Owners Edit

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"I have had this harp for almost a year now and I love it so much! if you know what you're doing on a harp and want something small but mighty this is a great harp! I busk with it almost everyday and it cuts through even the loudest of streets completely acoustically, it's a great harp! the strings are great, easy on the hands so you don't have to work as harp as on a bigger harp to make the same sound. the case takes a little getting use to but it's such a easy way of getting about!
It's a great little harp for that last minute gig, anything outside, anything casual and fun! it's a great one for gal on the go! it's best with the 27 strings because you can just play everything up the octave and it works lovely with a lot of pieces!" —Sam Hickman (@Sammie_Hickman)

Watch & Listen Edit

Jazz Medley - Harp Solo, Sam Hickman Singing Harpist04:18

Jazz Medley - Harp Solo, Sam Hickman Singing Harpist

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SoundCloud Recording

Photo Gallery Edit

Awards & Recognition Edit

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