How to Contribute to the Wiki

Things are pretty loose around here because I welcome anyone's help in contributing content to our wiki. I would like you to freely contribute ANYTHING that is harp-related. Don't hold back! Here's how, and what to expect if you contribute:

Not Ready to Commit to Anything Major?

If you're not ready to start digging into editing the wiki, consider following one of our many social media accounts. Some accounts are more active than others; these are the most popular:

  • Twitter | Follow us and help get the word out by retweeting our articles.
  • Facebook Like us and help get the word out by sharing our articles.
  • Facebook Group | Join the group and particpate in the daily discussion topics.
  • Pinterest | Follow our "Harp Repository " board and pin any harps you find.

Signing Up / Logging in

If you log in first, you will become a member of the wiki, and after you make any additions or changes to an article, you will be notified if anything else is changed. This is a handy way to stay abreast of any further changes.

To sign up, you just have to click the "Sign In " button at the top right of the page. You can either choose to make an account with "wikia", or you can sign in using your Facebook account.

Editing an Article

First, desktop is recommended for making edits. Editing does work on mobile, but it's much more difficult to be precise.

Very easy to do--simply click the yellow "edit" button located under the title of the article you wish to edit, make your change or addition, and hit save! You don't even need to log in. You can do this anonymously if you wish, but the benefit of logging in as a member of the wiki is you will be able to monitor further changes to the article that you edited. 

Starting a New Article

If you're wondering what kind of content the wiki still needs, check out our article wishlist .

Before you start a new article, be sure there isn't already a place for your content on the wiki. If you aren't sure, message me . If you start an article anyway, and some content is duplicated, I might step in to copy/paste the content elsewhere, and delete the article you started. Don't worry though–I won't delete your content altogether; and I will let you know where its new home is.

Also, be aware that when you start an article, I may go through and edit the article by adding photos/links, brushing up the spelling or grammar, improving the content layout by adding headings, recategorizing, and maybe even adding it to the wiki's navigation. I am by no means a college-educated editor, but I promise to always preserve the original message of what you wrote. 

To start an article, click "Contribute" at the top right of the page, and select "Add a Page" (or any of the other options offered in the drop down menu).

Thank you very much for your interest and your help! I am looking forward to building a wiki with you!