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• 4/19/2016

Wishlisted Content

If you're new here, lets get you started on something easy, so you can get a feel for what it's like to make edits on the wiki.

Quick and Easy Additions for YOU to make!!

Digging Deeper Into the Wiki

Once you're warmed up, this Wiki can always use more content! In conversations with other harpists, I've come across a number of topics that could make great articles on our wiki, and if you should feel so inclined, start a page and write a little bit about it! Don't feel like you need to write a lot--that's the beauty of a wiki. Write a little, even just a simple outline and someone else will come along and expand for you.

Check out our list of unfinished wiki pages . These pages need your attention, and are great places for you to start your editing. Does a topic here interest you?

Can you think of more great topics? Leave a note in this thread!

Even More Ideas:

  • Apollo (God of Light)
  • Chad McNally
  • Harp Accessory Manufacturers
  • Recommended harps for children
  • A favorite harp CD
  • A favorite harp music book
  • Harp Theory Books
  • Celtic Music Book for Harp
  • Learning the Harp
  • Coordinating Pedals and Playing
  • Harp Kits & Plans
  • Harp Repair / Pedal Harp Repair
  • Sourcing & Choosing materials
  • Designing harp body
  • Acoustic Considerations
  • Custom Harp Design
  • Antique & Museum Quality Harps
  • Fiction/Novels featuring harp
  • Non-Fiction/Textbooks about harp
  • Index of harpers featured on Soundcloud
  • Harp Buyers
  • Instruments Similar to Harp
  • Harping Styles
  • Copyrighting Music
  • Music Law

This wiki could include a section on career/marketing/running a business. However, it may or may not be on-topic for harpists, because a lot of the information does apply to all musicians in general.

Do any of these topics inspire you? Make an account , and start writing! 

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• 7/31/2015

Looking forward to contributing! I have loads of content already done. Let's talk! 

• 7/31/2015

Whoops...forgot to sign it -- Cymber Lily Quinn, HolisticHarpistry.com

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